torsdag 21. juni 2012

Berlin in June

Berlin-Mitte in the morning


 A few weeks back I went, together with a fellow student, to Berlin to attend a colic-seminar over two days. From 9 until 19 we spent our time in the room pictured above, learning about many very interesting cases and conditions. Of course we also spent some time in the city - the weather was fortunately on our side.


Relaxing in front of the Charlottenburg castle

Saturday evening it was time for the European soccer championships. We watched it outside with some friends at a "beach bar" in the middle of the city, complete with sand and palm trees!

Of course you have to drink the local beer

 Another day, another sport: A friend of mine, also a veterinary student, completed the Berlin bike race, 120 km, in just over 3 hours - impressive! Out of 13 000 competitors she was no. 12 in her age group and no. 72 in the ladies division.

 Our trainstation, "Botanical garden"

 Berlin wall, the part that's called the Eastside gallery

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