onsdag 30. mai 2012

Photoreport Aachen 2011

Better late than never...

 1 car, 1 tent, 3 horsemad girls, 3 packets of cookies and 1 pharmalogical book (why does the uni schedule our exams so close to important shows???). Aachen here we come!

When all cheap hotels are full, there's always Holland and it's fields where you can rent a spot for your tent next to the milk cows. 

Finally reached the showgrounds....

....nice weather...

The first big dressage class, the CDI Grand Prix was in the evening.

Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén / Don Aurellio (SWE)

Isabell Werth/ Warum Nicht FRH (GER)

"....here there be dragons....!"

The next day, the CDIO Grand Prix Special!

Where would the riders be without their support team?!

Jeroen Devroe / Apollo van het Vijverhof (BEL)

Valentina Truppa / Eremo del Castegno (ITA)
Charlotte Dujardin / Fernandez (GBR)

Edward Gal / Sisther du Jeu (NED)

 Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz / Fuego de Cardenas (ESP)

Christoph Koschel / Donnperignon (GER)
(this horse was later sold to a Danish young rider)

Steffen Peters / Ravel (USA)

Adelinde Cornelissen / Jerich Parzival

...who scored almost 78 %...

...even when this was how the contact with the bit looked, the whole test through.

You don't mess with this lady!

Isabell Werth / El Santo NRW (GER)

Winners of the class:

Matthias Alexander Rath / Totilas (GER)
with 83 %

Laura Bechtolsheimer / Mistral Höjris (GBR)

And don't forget to shop!

Jessica Süss and the Friesian Zorro 184, who sadly died earlier this year. 

Auf wiedersehen Aachen!!

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