mandag 28. mars 2011

Having a ball

As part of my plan to prevent Fonti from eating sand because he's bored, I bought him a bright blue ball to play with. Here's what I was hoping for:

Picture from here

Unfortunately (although not totally unexpectedly), here's what happened:

This paddock ain't big enough for the both of us

I'll just remove you from my domain (even though I'm slightly scared)

Eiii, it moves!

If I stare at it long enough maybe it'll go away

You can't even be eaten. Useless.

I bet the sand tastes better on the other side of the fence...

3 kommentarer:

  1. Very funny. Mine would never play with balls or anything either. Fonti is beautiful.

  2. Make a hole in it, put some pellets in and Voilá! it will be soooo much more interesting!

  3. Hehe, I'm sure that would make it more interesting! But the ball is filled with air (it's not one of those with a hard shell) so making a hole would ruin it. And I'm not sure I want him eating from the sand...

    A lot of the other horses find the ball interesting though! The funniest is the yearling who loves it and looks almost like a professional footballplayer kicking it along with his feet or head:D