søndag 6. februar 2011


In 2005/2006 I worked for a Swedish dressage rider based on the outskirts of Stockholm. His best horse at the time was called Wilson, a huge black dressage gelding and one of the kindest horses I've ever met.

Charlie, me and Wilson out walking in Sweden.

Wilson even competed in the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 and in the World Cup finals that same year:

Photo from www.kristianvk.se

Today, Wilson is 20 years old. Last week I got sent a link to a program from Swedish television, featuring none other than Wilson, who is now enjoying his retirement together with an 86 (!) year old man who rides him twice a week. It's in Swedish, but a picture says a thousand words, right?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Happy Birthday Wilson! He sounds like an exceptional horse and a sweet boy. Glad he's still working and has a nice human.

  2. So inspiring to read of someone riding at 86. It's great that they have one another.

  3. I want to ride when I am 86 too. The rider looks like he's younger than his age. Impressive.

  4. I'm glad you like the story as well!
    It makes me smile every time I see them cantering in the snow.