mandag 6. juli 2009

Honest scrap award

I've recived the Honest scrap award from Horse of Course and been asked to write my 10 honest scraps in English, so here goes!

First of all, thank you HoC for the award!

Second, here are the rules:

Recognize your award presenter and link back to their blog in your post.
List 10 honest things about yourself that others might not now.
Present this award to 10 admirable bloggers and link to their blogs.
Leave a comment on your recipients' blogs to let them know to visit your post to retrieve their award.
(Well, as my short bloglist reveals, I haven't been overly social and read/linked to other peoples blogs... so I'll skip this part).

So, my scraps:

1. I don't get a real 'summerfeeling' before I smell flyspray. (I haven't yet decided if this is charming or just a little pathetic.)

2. I tend to write (long) lists about what I should do insted of doing them, which is not the best strategy in the long run.

3. As a child, 1 or 2 years old I think, I starred in a two-episode children's TV series, broadcasted in Norway and Sweden. My older brother had secured the lead role and pretty much carried the show, seeing how I was mostly crying and screaming for my mother (who stood out of reach behind the camera).

4. Whenever I see a plane I get a strong urge to travel. I don't remember if I felt this way when I was still living at home.

5. The most expensive item I own are my custom-made riding boots.

6. I love the smell of tea - but not really the taste. So I end up making tea and well, smelling it, just to generate a feeling of 'curled up with a good book and a cup 'o tea'. (NB! Only works while being curled up with a good book - or writing a list of the things you should be doing...)

7. My favourite artist at the moment is Banksy (street-art).

8. A few years back when I had my own horse, we showed dressage at the weekends. My parents were always at the shows too, mostly because my father had to drive the car with the trailer, but they were both very supportive.
I was, especially in the beginning, very nervous (many times on the brink of throwing up before my test began) but I never let it out on my horse - since my parents were present and much better targets for my negative rants about how everything was wrong in some way. I always apologised to them after my test, but I still regret it... Fortunatly, with more routine I got less nervous and we all had a far better time at the shows - even though my parent still had to spend many weekends standing in the drizzeling rain watching a sport none of them really understood.

(Hmm, this is perhaps not a scrap, but at least it's honest, he he...)

9. After I got food-poisoning from champignons I can't bring myself to eating them, even though they often look delicious.

10. I love internet-sites where you get a peek at someone elses life, like PostSecret or Group Hug (although the latter is often a bit depressing...)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice list, Anne.
    Hey, you're a film star! And here I have walked around, totally in ignorant bliss. Have to ask you for an autograph nest time I see you, hehe. What was the childrens TV-serie called?
    I checked up on the Banksy site. Loved it :)
    Funny about the tea. I love to drink it too, but for me it is a bit the same with coffee. I love the fragrant smell, but it really doesn't tast half as good.

  2. Hehe:) One episode was called "Torjus steller hjemme", the other one I don't remember.
    Nice to hear that you liked Banksy as well - I also like the fact that, as far as I know, his real identity hasn't been revealed. He's probably British, from Bristol I heard, and works at night (but now I think he also works with some museums I think).

  3. Et lite tips. Siri har også startet blog, sjekk